60 years Frame by Frame presents Latin American animator Eduardo Darino’s struggle for recognition in the US and in the world as he explores classic and digital animation in a career spanning more almost 60 years.
It is a tale of passion for his art, inspiration and exploration, a story of overcoming obstacles and discrimination, of adapting to change and standing the test of time.
From the paper to the pixel, Darino gave life to Superman, Snoopy, The Little King, Garfield, Calliope, Carioca (for TV Globo, Brazil), ChaCha and The King (for India), Gallito Luis
(for Uruguay) and many other characters as he adapted to new technologies that challenged and developed his 60-year art career. That voice was almost silenced after Darino’s stage-four cancer diagnosis. His challenges inspired him to finally tell his story of artistry, creativity, and perseverance—to inspire generations to learn from an artistic journey that has come full circle and continues to endure.

It’s almost impossible to get Hollywood, or Networks to fund a personal story of strength and perseverance. Ed's story is an untold one, an account of his work for almost 60 years in animation and special effects, alongside some of the best in the industry. It’s a story of how he emerged as an Uruguayan artist who was determined to make it in the United States, despite the many obstacles he encountered… and how animation changed through these years, from classic to digital.

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