The history of animation from direct on film to cells to Cgi is all there in Eduardo’s work. His work connects art, technology and popular culture. Superman, Popeye, Snoopy, Star Trek –60 years he’s seen and drawn it all.
Howard Silver

Eduardo's films are extraordinary, each in their own way.
:Migra" looks so familiar to anyone who has watched SF film in the last 40 years. Eye-popping!
The seagulls film is great, references to your treatments makes it much more meaningful, personal.
George Griffin.

A synesthetic gallop painted by hand on 16mm film stock, "Cocktail de Rayas" explores the rhythmic possibilites of iridescent colors in movement. Pleasing the third eye, Darino creates an experience that occurs somewhere between the screen and the mind, between ocular velocity and the stillness of his stripes. In symbolic and literal dialogue with Norman Mc Laren’s work, Darino becomes one of the pioneers of direct animation in Latin America, testing the boundaries of color on film. "Cocktail de Rayas" makes a laborious and experimental process appear simple and graceful.  
Luciano Piazza.

60 YEARS in animation - frame by frame.