LATINOS-AS in COMICS - data base in production, live soon.

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60 YEARS in animation - frame by frame.

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Ignacio Calero,Eduardo Barreto, Fernando Ramos,Agustin Guerrero,
Marcos Zapata, Rhode Montijo, Quino, Liniers, Fontanarosa, Breccia, Gilbert, Jaime and Mario Hernandez,
Stephanie Rodriguez, Luis Ernesto Zavala, Joaquin Fernandez,Naomi Romero, Natacha Bustos, Adriana Melo, Gabby Rivera, Maria Florencia Guerra, Fiorella Velazquez, Alejandro Erraum, Quino, Liniers, and many others...

A documentary about LATINOS-AS in COMICS.

Those who worked for the top studios ( DC Comics, Marvel, etc)

as well as the ones who decided to self publish their work,

from the United States, or

the back lot of their own home countries through out
Latino America.